ESG and Sustainability

For years, ESG and Sustainable Investing have been a voluntary market trend for asset managers to identify risks and opportunities. However, as the connection between sustainability and valuation of financial assets becomes clearer, regulatory and client demands are forcing asset managers to fully integrate ESG factors into their investment processes. Sustainable investing is no longer a voluntary market trend, asset managers need to build ESG capabilities to navigate these market demands and international standards that continuously evolve.

What we do

We recognise that every client has a different perspective on ESG and Sustainable Investing and are at different stages of ESG integration. Irrespective of integration stage, Invartis has built a capable team of SMEs and established a framework to help asset managers develop and integrate ESG into their current governance, investment, and operational processes.

We help our clients by first understanding their strategic objectives and investment philosophy, assess their current governance state, and define ESG priorities that drive integration efforts. Whether our client is an asset owner well-versed in Sustainable Investing, or a smaller asset manager taking its first steps towards ESG integration, our expert consultants utilise a structured framework based on well-regarded and accepted international standards (i.e., UN PRI, CFA Standards, SASB, TCFD, and GRI) which is updated as all of these standards continue to evolve.

Why work with us?

We take pride in what we do – it’s our craft. Our approach is centred on years of experience helping large investment managers with a broad spectrum of strategic, operational, technical, and data-related challenges. We’ve partnered with over 30 large investment managers, with over 50% choosing to work with us again, and our work spans across APAC, North America, Europe, and Middle East.

Consistency is critical. Our structured approach leverages new technologies for execution – ensuring reliable engagement-specific workflows, and making certain that projects are managed with transparency, traceability, and full visibility into progress. We can be relied on to provide the uncompromising truth in advisory and excellence in delivery.

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