Investment Reporting Data Onboarding

The client needed to revamp its investment reporting process to ensure a robust and consistent approach for institutional reporting. To achieve these objectives, the organization had chosen to rollout a reporting solution that would integrate investment data, reference data, and market data, and provide an integrated view of the asset portfolio. We were asked to onboard the complete historical investment transactions into the reporting solution.

What we did

  • Defined processes and controls to capture and transform unstructured data, critical to the investment process, into data that enriches transactional information
  • Analysed and mapped historical transaction data to define a roadmap for onboarding data into the reporting solution
  • Created process and controls to transform and load historical investment transactions into the reporting solution
  • Developed dashboards that provide a broad-based portfolio view to monitor exposure, performance (fund and underlying) and market data
  • Identified metrics for ongoing system operations by validating the accuracy and completeness of data in the system

Our impact

  • Our onboarding process helped the client onboard over 30 years of historical investment data, with complete accuracy on an extremely aggressive schedule (approx. 10 months), which provided investment teams with real-time access to data that was not available before
  • The client was now able to use critical unstructured data in their investment process
  • Impressed by speed and accuracy of the data onboarding process, the client worked with us to develop a model for monitoring data within the system and expand the data coverage

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