Business Model Transformation

Driving growth, navigating regulatory requirements, and managing margin pressure in today’s business environment means placing less emphasis on incremental improvements in existing processes, and more emphasis on redesign, disruption, and transformation of business and operating models. New business models must accommodate a more global approach to leveraging scale, emerging technologies, complex data management and utilisation requirements, and integrations between M&A participants or strategic partner organisations.

What we do

We help our clients build their business for the future – whether it is work on prioritising strategic initiatives, value proposition development, distribution, operations, human capital, or simply easing margin pressure by improving cost structures and revenue streams. We help objectively analyse the current state, build transformation roadmaps to define the journey, and manage change programmes to ensure new strategies are properly embedded and implemented. For us, it is critical that any new business model is driven by strategic goals and underpinned by a scalable and flexible operating model that supports dynamic strategies and adaptations to macro-environmental change.

Why work with us?

We take pride in what we do – it’s our craft. Our approach is centred on years of experience helping large investment managers with a broad spectrum of strategic, operational, technical, and data-related challenges. We’ve partnered with over 30 large investment managers, and our work spans APAC, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Consistency is critical. Our structured approach leverages new technologies for execution – ensuring reliable engagement-specific workflows, and making certain that projects are managed with transparency, traceability, and full visibility into progress. We can be relied on to provide the uncompromising truth in advisory and excellence in delivery.

A sample of our work

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