Technology and Application Architecture Review

Our client wanted to ensure that its investment technology and application architecture was scalable to meet future business growth. The requirement involved reviewing its technology and application architecture in order to compare people, processes and technology factors against other best-in-class investment managers. We were engaged to highlight areas of weaknesses in the existing technical architecture, IT organisational structure and processes, and recommend an optimal front, middle and back office model that mitigated operational risk and provided better efficiency, while supporting the business growth aspirations.

What we did

We compared the client against two leading competitors in Asia, specifically in the following areas:

  • IT organisation structure: did the client have the appropriate people with the right skills to support the investment organisation?
  • Processes: were technology processes robust enough to ensure consistency and integrity in the investment workflow?
  • Application architecture: was application architecture optimal? Was the technology scalable, efficient, and did it mitigate risk in the organisation?

The client was provided with a detailed report of benchmarking, as well as heat maps and prioritisation maps that highlighted weaknesses and recommendations with respect to its IT organisation structure, processes and application architecture

Our impact

  • Our recommendations provided the client with a roadmap of priorities to establish an optimal technology infrastructure for a disciplined and consistent investment process across the organisation, as well as align them to industry best practice
  • The recommended application architecture enabled the organisation to take advantage of investment capabilities in other countries and launch sub-delegated funds (where the investment management is dispersed across multiple countries)
  • In addition to increased transparency in the investment process, the review provided a robust, secure and scalable technology framework and architecture that met regulatory and third-party requirements

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