Risk and Performance Reporting Managed Service

Our client embarked on an initiative to generate monthly performance attribution reports for internally managed Investment Linked Products (ILPs) managed across APAC. Previously, reports were generated for a very limited number of ILPs due to lack of the team’s bandwidth and insufficient benchmark data. The reports need to be generated out of Bloomberg PORT+ (then Barclays Point (“Point”)) which then sourced the required information from various internal applications and external vendors.

We helped with a robust and scalable target support model that generated monthly reports for internally managed ILPs. The scope of services also includes the maintenance of portfolio, benchmark and other data required for report generation.

What we did

  • On-site due diligence to validate existing policies and procedures
  • Standardised the reporting formats for Equity, Fixed Income and Balanced Funds
  • Streamlined the existing processes and introduced automation. Processes are continuously evaluated in conjunction with automation experts for further opportunities to improve efficiencies.
  • Data Maintenance & ILP Reporting.
    • Data maintenance involves data sourcing, validation, reconciliation, data load, fixes, custom benchmark maintenance
    • Reporting involves creation and delivery of monthly reports for equity, fixed income and balanced portfolios

Our impact

  • After starting this project with 3 consultants and 10-15 ILP reports in 2015, the scope has increased to cover 93 ILP reports. The team headcount has increased to 13 consultants in order to support other operations, such as AMC, Investment Risk, LTIRA Reporting, and Analysis.


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