Investment Risk Management Framework

The client was looking to establish an independent investment risk function. The goal was to assure effective management of risks inherent in its investments and a higher degree of control in meeting liability streams.  We were engaged to work with the client’s investment middle office team in establishing the investment risk function.

What we did

  • Reviewed and validated their investment process
  • Established a governance framework to monitor and track investment risk across the organisation
  • Designed and documented an investment risk framework and effectively defined the risks present in the investment funds
  • Established policies and procedures as part of an investment risk function that was mandated to actively monitor and report investment risks
  • Defined metrics to control and monitor these risks

Our impact

  • The client could demonstrate effective monitoring and reporting of investment risk to its stakeholders such as senior management, regulators and clients
  • The investment risk monitoring framework also led to independent validation of the effectiveness and consistency of the investment strategy and helped to provide feedback to the fund managers on their portfolios
  • Following this engagement, we implemented the framework across all the client’s offices in Asia

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