Investment Accounting System Rollout, APAC

Our client, headquartered in Hong Kong, was looking to consolidate operations at a group level after multiple acquisitions. The client needed help with managing implementations across its entities in Asia and navigating numerous challenges – specifically around the development of a common operating model and managing differing regulatory requirements. We were engaged to provide advisory and project management consulting for the implementation of ePAM, as a common investment accounting system for investment operations across all entities (excluding Japan, Thailand and China).

What we did

  • Project managed the implementation of ePAM, leveraging our unique risk-based approach and instituted governance, structure and oversight
  • Brought an ePAM implementation expert perspective to the project
  • Assisted with the development of an overall Target Operating Model and its implementation
  • Assisted in augmenting capacity in one of their regional offices to allow key business resources to focus on project deliverables

Our impact

  • We helped overcome the lack of structure, oversight, and implementation experience in the client project team
  • We provided an independent perspective and accountability to the project (previously managed by a vendor focusing on their own software delivery)
  • We were also able to quickly provide the expertise the client needed, without them having to hire a full-time employee to manage this project

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