Fund Accounting Outsourcing

Our client replaced their existing fund accounting software (CAMRA) with Eagle as their existing system was outdated and no longer able to cater to the operational needs of their middle and back office fund accounting functions. However, the Eagle implementation project faced several issues with regards to the vendor’s ability to develop complex system customizations to support the client’s asset allocation process, as well as poor project management. The Eagle implementation project was subsequently abandoned.

We were engaged to perform a cost benefit analysis to determine if the client should continue with the implementation or whether they should outsource their fund accounting operations to a third-party vendor.

What we did

  • Reviewed the status of the Eagle implementation, including contractual obligations and the effort required to complete the Eagle system implementation
  • Performed a cost benefit analysis of continuing with the Eagle system implementation versus outsourcing the fund accounting functions
  • Reviewed the operational processes within various functional teams to identify areas to improve their efficiency and make their business more scalable

Our impact

  • The client was able to make an informed decision, based on an objective and independent assessment of servicing their requirements internally through the Eagle platform vs. outsourcing
  • Improved efficiency through a review of the operational processes and ensuring they could be more scalable

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