Data Architecture Review

Like many organisations, our client has issues around data management. Firstly, data was managed in silos across different geographies and applications. And secondly, the client relied on multiple external investment data providers for information such as security reference data, security pricing, credit ratings, etc., in addition to multiple sources of accounting positions and transactions data. These issues created a conflicting version of truth.

The client needed a solution that would provide them with timely, accurate and consistent investment data across their global operations. They embarked on an initiative to establish a centralised data repository as the key component of its global data management architecture. The client asked us to review their proposed global data management architecture and data management strategy to validate their overall approach as well as benchmark it against global best practices in the management of investment data.

What we did

  • Assessed the technology, processes and organisation structure with respect to data management, and reviewed the data governance in place
  • Identified key challenges for technology, data, process and governance with respect to the architecture and outlined recommendations
  • Prioritised (as critical, high-priority, medium-priority and low-priority) the recommendations through our unique Evaluation Scoring Model
  • Proposed a detailed implementation plan with key milestones for the client to achieve its target state with respect to “governance and quality framework”, “architecture and process enhancement”, and “new tools and application”

Our impact

  • Our data management experts provided objective benchmarking against global best practice for the client’s approach
  • Helped fill gaps with recommendations for people, process, technology and governance factors with respect to data management
  • Recommended two overall approaches for the client to achieve its target state, with prioritisation and milestones for streamlined implementation

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