Data Architecture Review

Like many organisations, our client has issues around data management. Firstly, data was managed in silos across different geographies and applications. And secondly, the client relied on multiple external investment data providers for information such as security reference data, security pricing, credit ratings, etc., in addition to multiple sources of accounting positions and transactions data. These issues created a conflicting version of truth.

The client needed a solution that would provide them with timely, accurate and consistent investment data across their global operations. They embarked on an initiative to establish a centralised data repository as the key component of its global data management architecture. The client asked us to review their proposed global data management architecture and data management strategy to validate their overall approach as well as benchmark it against global best practices in the management of investment data.

What we did

  • We were engaged by the client to join a tri-party arrangement (with the client and its vendor) to manage the onboarding of existing funds onto the new accounting platform, as well as introducing customised reporting per regional operations team and the fund managers.
  • Working with the operations and technology teams from both parties, we brought together all stakeholders involved to implement an end-to-end investment accounting and reporting capability for the client’s immediate and future needs.

Our impact

  • Our project management and expert oversight helped the client onboard all the existing funds on the new platform within the prescribed time frame
  • Smooth rollout of the system, with the minimal impact on BAU activities, and a seamless transition for all parties involved

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